About Our Practice


At Martindale Family Dentistry, located in Griffin, GA, we have a deep passion for working with our patients to help them achieve the best dental results possible by helping them with their oral health needs. This also works along side our desire always to have an environment that exudes genuine warmth, is friendly, and always is compassionate. There is nothing we want more than for our patients to be comfortable when they enter our doors, as patient comfort is the key to helping us develop relationships that are meaningful and trusting. Both of these traits are core to how we choose to run and operate our practice, not just in how we interact with our patients.


We start out that foundation of trustworthiness and expert care by employing a team that is proficient in their field and share the same desires and patient goals as Dr. Mark Martindale. By working together, combining years of experience and understanding, each patient is helped with their unique dental needs and the hope of restoring the confidence that comes with a healthy smile. Additionally, we work to ensure that our understanding of dental issues is passed on to our patients, and always make sure they are armed with any resources or tips that they need to keep their teeth strong. Treatment plans and dental options are always explained, ensuring that any decisions that must be made are informed and collaborative. We know that patients who understand our goals are better equipped to maintain dental health between their visits.



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