Children’s Dentist Griffin

Martindale Family Dentistry is located in Griffin, GA. Dr. Mark Martindale and his professional staff specialize in family dentistry and offer dental care specifically for children,and teens. Often, in the busy world of raising children, we underemphasize just how important practicing healthy dental habits and attending regular dental checkups are for our children. There is a tendency to view baby teeth as “replaceable,” and to not give the teeth the care that is required. However, dental care is not only essential for the health of your child’s teeth but to ensure that their gums remain healthy, allowing their teeth to continue to grow healthy and strong.


When the time comes for your child to visit the dentist, Martindale Family Dentistry understands that dental visits can induce anxiety in both children and parents. Martindale Family Dentistry works tirelessly to ensure that your kids come to see our practice as a safe place, and use every opportunity to teach your children about dental health. The professional team has years of experience working with children, and many strategies in place to help kids feel at ease.


The family dentist located in Griffin, GA, understands that the best way to ensure a child is at ease to make their experience pain-free. When your children’s experiences are both gentle and fun, they will begin to develop a trust that the dentist truly does have their best interest in mind. Another thing that helps to calm anxiety in children is when their parents have a discussion before the appointment, keying them in on what to expect from the visit.


Services may include:

-Tooth cleaning
-Tooth sealing
-Dental examinations for school
-Root canal
-Extraction of teeth


When the time comes for your child’s first dental visit, give Martindale Family Dentistry a call. The friendly staff will be able to provide answers to any questions and offer additional advice for how to adequately prepare children for dental visits.



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