Teeth Cleaning Griffin

Martindale Family Dentistry, located in Griffin, GA, is proud to provide various levels of tooth cleaning services including whitening, polishing, deep cleaning, cavity checks, and the implementation of treatment plans. A vital part of properly caring for your teeth and maintaining general health and wellness is the attendance of regularly scheduled professional teeth cleaning. Clean teeth do a lot to improve your overall appearance, but can also significantly reduce your risk of developing major health problems, and can help catch any cancer that begins inside of the mouth. If you are in Griffin, GA or the surrounding areas and are due for a cleaning, we hope you consider the professional team at Martindale Family Dentistry. The team employed by Martindale Family Dentistry is board certified and have the experience necessary to gently provide care to your teeth, whatever your need may be.


The services offered by Martindale Family Dentistry Griffin, GA range from your typical, semi-annual tooth cleaning to a deep cleaning for those who need a more thorough cleaning than required. The staff will work with you during all points of your visit to ensure your comfort. Always, tooth cleaning services are tailored to your requirements, and they will work tirelessly to ensure that you leave with teeth that are healthy and clean.


Here is a list of services that can be expected with your routine tooth cleaning appointment:


-Cavity check
-Deep cleaning
-Periodontal disease and cancer checks
-Gum health assessment
-Evaluations for TMJ
-Active treatment plans


During a typical semi-annual tooth cleaning visit and examination, to a more thorough deep cleaning, Martindale Family Dentistry will always work to clean, scale, and seal the teeth as needed. While working on these issues, they will assess the mouth for potential warning signs that indicate a larger health problem, and should they find a sign they will develop a treatment plan accordingly. If you are ready to take steps to take control of your dental needs and health, feel free to call our friendly staff today. From answering your dental questions to booking appointments, we are more than happy to assist with your dental needs.



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